Senator Lindsey Graham joins Sean Hannity to discuss bogus Democrat impeachment efforts

Make no mistake about it – the latest impeachment push by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats is nothing more than their latest attempt to get rid of the man that they hate so much – President Donald J. Trump!

Since the day that he took office, President Trump has been targeted, harassed, and lied about by the Democratic party and their propaganda platforms such as CNN and MSNBC. Fortunately, Trump has allies in Congress – allies like Senator Lindsey Graham, who will not sit back and allow the vicious attacks by the left to continue!

Now, the Democrats think they have a real chance of impeaching President Trump with their majority in the House of Representatives. Senator Graham has once again vocally supported Trump and condemned the whistleblower that is out to get the President!

Lindsey Graham knows that Trump is innocent! If you agree with Graham, sign this petition to show Nancy Pelosi and her ‘squad’ that the Silent Majority still supports Trump!

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