In an interview with Fox News, Senator Graham once again reiterated America?s commitment to standing with Israel.

?What I worry the most about is a conflict between Israel and Iran. We?re going to come to Israel?s aid if that happens.?

This week, Iran shot down a U.S. drone from alleged international airspace. This aggressive action launched further concern into whether Iran is ramping up their uranium enrichment program to include a nuclear level. The action is still being investigated and White House officials are in discussions with response tactics after Iran claimed the drone was in Iranian airspace.

Senator Graham later tweeted about the incident saying: ?The only thing Iran and every other thuggish regime understands is Strength and Pain. Imperative the US clearly inform the Iranians that any effort to increase uranium enrichment will be seen as a hostile act against the US and our allies in Israel, and will not go unanswered.?

?The entire world should be worried about this.? Senator Graham stated in the interview.

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