Truth Above Party

The American People have the right to know the truth about their Government. Thanks to the hard work of Senator Lindsey Graham as Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, we are now one step closer to understanding the questionable behaviors in the Justice Department that led to operation Crossfire Hurricane and the Steele Dossier.

Senator Graham has worked to declassify FBI memos and testimony that call into question the credibility of the Steele Dossier and as well as the motivations of investigators.

“I want to know why all these counterintelligence investigations were opened to begin with.? I think we need to look long and hard at how these investigations got off the rails,? said Graham. ?This Committee is not going to sit on the sidelines and simply move on.? I can assure you we?re not going to be deterred. If we have to do it by ourselves, we will.? The American people deserve answers to these questions and we intend to get them.?

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