“Turkey’s day of reckoning is coming for their outrageous assault on Kurdish Syrians. I?m leading the effort in Congress to work with the President on the most crippling sanctions since the Iran sanctions. Turkeys misadventure in Syria, if left unchecked, will destabilize the Middle East as much as Iran — to the detriment of the United States and our allies.”

-Senator Lindsey Graham

Following Turkey’s invasion of Syria, President Trump has been working closely with Senator Lindsey Graham to determine the best plan of action for imposing economic sanctions on Turkey.

In May, the Trump administration had lowered tariffs on certain Turkish goods, including steel, but following the attacks on Syria, Trump and Graham have raised tariffs back to 50% with support from the US Treasury. Additionally Trump ceased negotiations on a $100 billion trade deal with Turkey.

Both Trump and Graham have vowed that if Turkey continues its aggression towards US allies, the sanctions will be increased and will eventually cripple Turkey’s US-dependent economy.

Sign this petition to show your support if you think that Trump and Lindsey Graham have made the right decision by imposing sanctions on Turkey!

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