Americans have the right to hold their Government accountable. Regardless of Party or Principle many of us were shocked and disgusted to learn the FBI had launched an investigation into the Trump Campaign based on politically motivated intelligence. It has been made clear that the Steele Dossier, a document of questionable credibility, was used as a justification for FISA warrants and the beginning of Operation Crossfire Hurricane.

As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Lindsey Graham has been hard at work rooting out government corruption and finding the truth behind what motivated these careless actions.? While the credibility of the Dossier has always been in doubt, it has now become clear that FBI Officials actively mislead the Senate Intelligence Committee about their confidence in its content.

According to Senator Graham ?They did to the Senate Intel Committee what they did to the FISA court. They misled the hell out of them. They said there?s no evidence from the subsource to suggest that Steele fabricated anything in the dossier.?

This shocking revelation has shown that not only did the FBI have reason to doubt the Steele Dossier, but that they actively conspired to conceal those doubts when questioned by a Senate Committee.

According to memos recently declassified by Graham as a part of his role as Senate Judiciary Committee, the FBI knew all along that the subsource for the Dossier had raised doubts about its content. ?Actually, the subsource said it was all bar talk, hearsay, speculation and conjecture ? So they completely misrepresented to the Senate Intel Committee in 2018 what the subsource had told the FBI in 2017,? Graham said.

These ongoing revelations show that the American people have been besieged by a storm of deceit surrounding Russia Probe of the 2016 Election. Fortunately for us, Senator Graham has continued to work for the American people and the truth!

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