The months long impeachment sham finally came to a close Wednesday, as the Senate voted to acquit President Trump on both charges of impeachment. The results Wednesday prove President Trump did nothing wrong, and his phone call with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky was perfect.

The acquittal was a near unanimous vote among party lines, with only ?Republican-In-Name-Only? Mitt Romney being the only one to cross party lines. It was a bad decision for Mitt, as Trump is riding the highest approval ratings yet of his presidency.

President Trump is also coming off of a State of the Union speech that received high ratings from both Republicans and Independents. It was also a speech that House Speaker and professional tantrum thrower Nancy Pelosi decided to rip up. Likely confusing it for the Constitution, Pelosi tore Trump?s speech in half as soon as it ended. Lindsey Graham didn?t let Pelosi off the hook.

?To @SpeakerPelosi: You can tear up the speech, but you can?t tear up the accomplishments [of the President].? said Graham in a tweet Wednesday.

Senator Lindsey Graham has been a staunch defender of the President throughout the entire trial. On his Senate floor speech Wednesday, he outlined his case for acquittal.

?If you’re okay with Joe Biden and Hunter Biden doing what they do, it says more about you than it does anything else.? said Graham. ?The point of the abuse of power article is that you made it almost impossible now for any president to pick up the phone if all of us can assume the worst and impeach somebody based on a subjective standard.?

Senator Graham?s Senate Intelligence committee will be taking a look into the former Vice President?s son, who cashed in by being on the board of a shady Ukranian natural gas company. The Democrats have done everything they can to hide Hunter Biden.

Lindsey Graham has been President Trump?s fiercest defender in the Senate. He has stood firmly with the silent majority, and been unapologetic for it. If you stand with Lindsey Graham and President Trump, sign this petition today!

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