Sign The Petition: End the Witch Hunt!

Lindsey Graham says the case is over, Robert Mueller says the case is over.

Only left wing liberals like AOC and Nancy Pelosi want to keep the investigation into President Donald J. Trump going! We already know the facts of the case: No Collusion, and No Coordination! Trump has been vindicated by the release of the Mueller report, yet the Democrats won’t let it go!

Sign the petition to demand that Pelosi ends the Democrat witch-hunt!

8 thoughts on “Sign The Petition: End the Witch Hunt!

  1. Stop this witch Hunt now! The American people see this for exactly what it is! Stop wasting taxpayers’ money to seek revenge for Trump having the audacity to beat zHillary Clinton!!!

  2. It is in the best interest of our Nation to put the Mueller report behind us and start taking care of many important matters confronting our nation. Our nation’s well-being depends on it! Our place in the global community demands that we address issues important not only to our nation, but to all nations! It is time to put aside political differences and come together as, “One Nation Under God.”

  3. When is enough going to be enough? Stop the witch hunt and get along with President Trump And work with Washington and make America great and safe! You democrats look like a bunch of idiots acting the way you do.

  4. As far as I am concerned there is no Democrat Party. Just a bunch of evil communists . Time for many of them to be put in prison !!!

  5. Thank You and remember how badly the Democrats cheat in the elections. You must stop this before next election !!!

  6. If Pelosi and all the other ( acting like winning baby democrats ) don’t stop their stupidity how on this earth are the children of tomorrow going to ever manage.

  7. 2 years is long enough for anyone to get it right. Mueller did his job, give you his findings of 2 years, so “STOP THE WITCH HUNT!”

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