Senator Graham Stands Strong for our Security!

Senator Graham isn?t backing down! In a new resolution, introduced on behalf of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Graham praised the men and women of U.S. Customs and Border Protection for their honorable service and called on Congress to pass legislation to fix the border.

This problem has gone on for far too long. Joined by 11 other members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Graham said, ?I?m proud to introduce this resolution. To the Border Patrol agents, you?re doing an incredible job. This system is broken. It?s not a crisis, it?s a disaster. Congress has a duty to act.?

Senator Graham is right, it?s our duty to give our law enforcement the support they deserve. Sign your name today if you want Congress to act now by supporting our border agents and fixing the border disaster! Tell Senator Graham THANK YOU for standing strong for America?s national security.

9 thoughts on “Senator Graham Stands Strong for our Security!

  1. Thank you Senator Graham for standing up so very strongly for Judge Kavanaugh and for the American way that one is innocent until proven guilty. Thank you for standing up for our border patrol and ICE gents and for the security of our nation and for the security of our borders. We appreciate your strong stand on things that are right for the American people

  2. Thank you for taking a strong stand on the border issue. We need to fix this his problem now and forever more.

  3. Why are illegals being allowed to register to vote. Unacceptable!! I have always shown my drivers license since 1973. I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A REPUBLICAN & THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED. PLEASE GET THIS CORRECTED OR DEMS WILL WIN AGAIN BY ACCEPTING AN ILLEGAL PRESIDENT AND ILLEGAL VOTES. THANKS.

  4. Stand strong! You are a great man and there are so many of us who support you. You are a man of truth and strength and you are NOT afraid to stand up for truth, justice and the American way. May God bless and keep you from harm’s way and give you the highest and best ideas.

  5. Thank you Senator Graham for what you are doing to make our borders stronger. I support you completely.

  6. Senator Graham thank you for supporting our man and women that protect our great nation.

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