In a townhall on the campaign trail, Bernie Sanders responded to a question on just how far the right to vote should extend. His answer shocked the nation when Sanders stated that convicted felons, terrorists, and those imprisoned on death row should enjoy the same privilege as law-abiding Americans in choosing the leaders of the country. 

Senator Graham joined other elected officials in pushing back on this revolting proposal.

On Twitter, Graham responded: ?Just when you thought it couldn?t get worse….@BernieSanders supports allowing rapists, murderers, and terrorists ? like the Boston bomber and Dylann Roof, the individual who massacred 9 church-goers in Charleston, to vote from prison.?

Democrats seem to have forgotten our Constitutional values in their rampant effort to lower American privileges to simple expectations. Graham pointed out that voting is a cherished privilege in our democracy. ?We should all do our best to vote – but it is a privilege, and a mass murderer like Roof should not have a say in my view.?

If you agree that violent felons like Charleston shooter Dylann Roof shouldn’t be allowed to decide our future, sign this petition!

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