The number of justices on the Supreme Court has hardly been up for debate, but because the Democrats lost their ability to legislate from the Courts with the confirmations of Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, the Democratic party has stooped so low to suggest changing the Court?s structure.

?This has been a dream of the Left for decades –  to increase the number of judges on the court. Pack them with liberal judges so the court can do through the legal system what they can’t do through the ballot box,? Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham told Fox in an interview.

Five Demcoratic United States Senators, including Kirsten Gillibrand who is running for President, showed their true motivation behind restructuring the Court in an intimidation document sent on a recent Second Amendment Supreme Court case.  These five Senators took it upon themselves to threaten our Supreme Court Justices —  warning that the current Court ?needs healed? and vowing  to ?restructure? the Court if it doesn?t.

Of course, Senate Republicans can see right through their ploy — the Democrats are still bitter over the confirmations of President Trump?s two judicial nominees to the highest Court in the land. They can?t win playing by the rules, so they?re vowing to change them by packing the Courts with liberal justices. These commands from sitting U.S. Senators are vows against America?s democracy.

“Over my dead body, it’s not going to happen,” Senator Graham warned. Even Clinton-appointed Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has spoken out against the idea being urged in her own party: ?Nine seems to be a good number.” Under Chairman Graham, the Democrats? dangerous intimidation tactics won?t be tolerated.

?The dream of every leftist is to have a liberal court enacting laws from the bench. The dream of every conservative is to have judges who will interpret the law, not make the law. So when you hear expanding the court, that is code for liberals packing the Court,? Graham said in the interview.

Senator Graham took an oath to protect the integrity and dignity of our democracy, and the American public can rest assured — the Democrats? ploy to restructure the Supreme Courts will be met with a strong barricade by our Judiciary Chairman!

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