After the Iranians aggressively shot down an American drone over the weekend, U.S. officials including Senator Graham jumped to our military?s defense.

In a news release, Senator Graham said: ?The blame for the current situation lies with the Ayatollah and his murderous henchmen, not the United States.  The Iranian attack against an American drone, combined with Iranian proxies firing missiles into Saudi Arabia, is further escalation of an already tense situation.?

Graham also told reporters: ?Here?s what Iran needs to get ready for: severe pain inside their country. If they?re itching for a fight, they?re gonna get one.?

Senator Graham stands ready to protect the United States and its allies against Middle Eastern aggression. We won?t stand by while Iran continues to threaten the safety of innocent people around the world. Join Security is Strength today for more updates on how Senator Graham is working with President to ensure the safety of every American.

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