Senator Graham?s new legislation to change U.S. asylum laws is exactly what America needs to put a stop to the illegal immigration crisis at our southern border.

Senator Graham told Fox and Friends: ?It takes three years to get an asylum hearing, we don?t hold them for three years, we let them loose in the country — they never show up.? This loophole enables immigrants coming from Central America to bypass the process of legal citizenship by taking a shortcut into the country.

?I?m going to change the law to say that if you apply for asylum from Central America, you have to do it in your own country or in Mexico. Not here.?

According to the Department of Homeland Security expert testimony on Capitol Hill last week, 90% of asylum-seekers did not show up for their immigration court hearings. It doesn?t make sense to allow these people into our country to wait for years, only to see such a small number follow through to become citizens. We need strong legislation and bold new ideas like Senator Graham?s proposal to change this long-standing problem on the border.

Senator Graham has been prepping the asylum law legislation package for months. Back in April, Graham said, ?Doing what we?re doing is not working. The crisis has to come to an end and the only way to bring it to an end is to change our laws.?

This issue is too important to ignore as illegal immigration numbers continue to spiral out of control across the U.S. ?If you don?t change the asylum laws, they?ll keep coming forever.?

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