Three Days Later, No Impeachable Offenses Found In Hearings

The Democratic led impeachment hearings were supposed to uncover all the impeachable offenses that Donald Trump did, and convince the American public & the rest of the House of Representatives that President Trump needs to be removed from the Oval Office. Instead, the impeachment hearings are proving that the inquiry is a Democratic scam that was based on fabricated allegations.

Now, Democrats are picking a new talking point: claiming Trump committed bribery with Ukraine. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said Tuesday that there ?Are any number of potentially impeachable offenses: including bribery, including high crimes and misdemeanors.?

Senator Lindsey Graham fired back hours later on Twitter at Schiff?s comments.

?So now it?s ?Bribery.? Who did the president ?Bribe? and what did he get for it?  Be specific. The truth is that ?Bribery? is a made-up, poll tested charge without any factual basis in this case.?

Lindsey Graham is right. President Trump never engaged in any activity that could be considered bribing. Democrats just keep throwing baseless accusations around, hoping that some of them will stick. And yet the American people are continuing to have to pay for the phony investigation.

In fact, Adam Schiff is the one who likely engaged in bribery. Schiff has backtracked on his original statement that he doesn?t know the identity of the whistleblower. It is alleged that one of his aides even met with the whistleblower days before the complaint was filed.

Concerns that someone close to Schiff is being bribed to keep hush on important details regarding association with the whistleblower is a fair point to consider. Schiff has chosen to deny he knows anything about the whistleblower, and has buried his head in the sand.

Schiff has now spread false allegations about collusion, fabricated a call transcript during a congressional hearing, and lied about dealing with the whistleblower. Lindsey Graham was right from the start: this whole impeachment inquiry is a scam by the Democrats!

The fake news media chooses to crucify any politician who defends President Trump in this impeachment scam. Lindsey Graham isn?t afraid to tell it how it is, and has strongly rebuked the Democrat?s dishonest talking points. Sign our Security is Strength petition today if you agree it?s time for Adam Schiff to end the impeachment hearings NOW!

13 thoughts on “Three Days Later, No Impeachable Offenses Found In Hearings

  1. I say it’s time to turn the tables on all the democrats that are involved in this witch hunt!!let’s start our investigations on them.

  2. they need to leave our President alone so he can focus on making America great again,,,he has uncovered their corruption and running scared,,,,how can we get them out of office,,,way past time,,theyve gotten too comfortable,,,never thought would see this in my lifetime,,,great job Mr. Graham,,thank you,,,

  3. I want to know what the AMERICAN PEOPLE can do to get rid of congress an this dang junk they keep doing,,,,what are they hiding,,,they have done nothing in almost 4 yrs but whine, I want my TAX dollars back,,they would be fired anywhere else for not doing their jobs, they have gotten by with telling ppl to harass Trump supporters,,, this is a disgrace to America,,i for 1 am sick of this mess an them,, i will never ever forget the underhanded mess they have done,, and getting by with,,,

  4. I fully support our PRESIDENT! I am sick and tired of these MORONS trying to destroy our PRESIDENT and The United States.

  5. I wish the Republicans would focus on the bills that speaker Pelosi will not bring to the floor to vote on (USMCA). I am so angry about the fake impeachment hearings. We, the taxpayers, want Congress to work for us. The democrats hate our President but they need to know we will vote Trump 2020.

  6. Please start prosecuting these evil people, prosecute a Clinton and the rats will scatter. Or give me a gun and an address and I will give my life happily to start the

  7. I?m sick and tired of this game the democrats are playing! The longer it goes on the more divided the country becomes! Maybe that?s what they want!

  8. Congress is at a total stand still since the Democrats only concern is to get rid of Trump. Our country is suffering because of these loose cannons. When are they going to settle down and go they to work making our country a safer place? I think they are trying to distract our citizens while they come up with something else. Why were they not as concerned when Obama gave all that money away to rebuilt mosques? Since they are so busy trying to take away our religious freedoms on which our country was founded why was this money given away?

  9. Its time that the democrats get their life together and do the job that they were hired to do instead of creating something out of nothing. I’m voting Trump in 2020.

  10. Pelosi and Schaffer?s and impeachment needs to be considered by the government, that is what the ppl are looking for an impeachment not against President Trump but these two. The Democratic Party has shamed America for sometime, they are making America and Americans look weak and like fools. The Republicans need to stand up for the ppl and not the media if they want to keep their jobs. We are closely watching

  11. It’s time to get rid of some Democrats that are causing all this trouble. Let’s vote on that and see who leaves now.

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