Lindsey Graham Leading Bipartisan Effort to Hold China Accountable

If one didn?t know it before the coronavirus pandemic, everyone surely knows it by now: the Chinese Communist Party is corrupt. Led by their dictator Xi Jinping, they lie, manipulate, and take advantage of the rest of the world. A Senator from South Carolina by the name of Lindsey Graham has decided he?s seen enough, and is planning on holding China accountable.

The coronavirus pandemic started in Wuhan, China. It is believed the virus? origin is from a wet market in Wuhan. Wet markets, which are rarely found outside of China, sell live animals. The animals are sold live or killed right on the spot, and are crammed in tight cages often on top of each other.

Many past infamous viral outbreaks are also believed to have started in wet markets in China. Due to the close quarters and complete lack of sanitary standards, it is a breeding spot for viruses to form that can then travel to humans, who then pass it on to other persons.

The letter submitted by Graham?s bipartisan Senate group calls on China to close down and ban all wet markets in their country. The wet market ban is just one of the ways Senator Graham is planning on holding the Chinese Communist party liable for their misbehavior.

Graham also said Friday on Twitter that he wants the United States to stop cancelling some debt that the country owes to China. Senator Graham made it a point that America should not be paying China- China should be paying the U.S. for all the problems they dumped on us.

In another tweet Graham called on both parties to unite in their efforts against China. Democrats, who have not given up on their relentless slandering of President Trump, were especially in need of hearing Senator Graham?s message.

?The first thing I want to do is get the United States Senate on the record where we, we don?t blame Trump – we blame China. The Chinese government is responsible for 16,000 American deaths and 17 million Americans being unemployed.? -Senator Lindsey Graham.

Lindsey Graham continues to be a leader in the Senate in calling out corruption when he sees it. He?s also had the back of President Trump throughout the process as they work together to Make America Great Again. If you are glad someone in the Senate is holding China accountable, Sign this petition today!

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