Senator Graham supports Law Enforcement and opposes reactionary proposals to defund the Nation?s police departments:

?I appreciate our law enforcement community, the goal is to reform the police, not defund the police.? -Lindsey Graham

America is a Nation of Laws and American Citizens need Law Enforcement Agencies more than ever. That?s why Senator Graham will be holding hearings on policing in the United States, not dismantle law enforcement, but to improve police agencies for all Americans.

Now is the time for thoughtful action according to Senator Lindsey Graham, but ?One Solution I categorically reject is defunding the police.?

Senator Graham is paving the way for sensible reforms, not zealous overreactions, ?I?m going to have a hearing on policing and race. Hopefully out of that we can find some solutions to our problems.?

If you’re with Graham in support of our law enforcement community prove it by signing this petition:

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