Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham condemned a new round of baseless attacks against Trump-appointee Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Over the weekend, the New York Times attempted to break a ?bombshell? news piece that Justice Kavanaugh had yet another accuser from decades ago. The liberal news outlet assumed guilt, as is the pattern for radical Democrats? factless accusations. They went as far as to call for the impeachment of Kavanaugh, much to the delight of several Democratic presidential candidates.

?Like the man who appointed him, Kavanaugh should be impeached,? Sen. Elizabeth Warren commented.

Chairman Graham fired back on Twitter saying, ?As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I promise you Justice Kavanaugh will not be impeached over these scurrilous accusations.?

The New York Times later issued a correction to their baseless article, adding that the woman in question apparently ?declined to be interviewed? and ?does not recall? the occurrence ofany such incident. How does the media get away with reporting such vulgar and distasteful information to America, without any sort of factual basis?

Chairman Graham wrote on Twitter: ?What have we learned the last few days? The New York Times writes first, verifies later. Republicans are presumed to be ?guilty.? Democratic presidential candidates are willing to ruin Justice Kavanaugh?s life for political gain. All very sad.?

Enough with the Democratic party calling for the impeachment of anyone they disagree with. Their behavior is an embarrassment to our democracy. Damaging a man?s reputation won?t change the 2016 election results and it?s certainly not going to change the makeup of the highest Court in the land.

Last year, Sen. Graham called the Democratic attack on Kavanaugh ?the most unethical sham? since he?s been in politics.  ?I hope the American people can see through this.? This time last year, Kavanaugh was attacked with every smear campaign in the books by the radical Democrats, eager to derail President Trump?s nomination. Meanwhile, Justice Kavanaugh?s family is being forced to endure this ridiculous treatment once again.

They?ve shown us that the Democratic party continues to be a party of bad actors. We have to keep the Supreme Court out of the reach of these radical liberals who are far too eager to politicize the Court by packing it.

Senator Graham knows the Democrats? game. Let?s help him protect the integrity of the Supreme Court by defending Justice Kavanaugh from the Democratic party?s never-ending, desperate smear campaigns.

Add your name to this petition today if you still support Justice Brett Kavanaugh!

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