Close the Loopholes in our Immigration System!

The word is out – if you’re an illegal coming to America, all you have to do is bring a child with you! In a meeting with US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Commissioner John Sanders told Senator Lindsey Graham that until this year, CBP had ZERO cases of single males crossing the border with toddlers. Now, Commissioner Sanders says that half of the men apprehended at the border have toddlers with them because they know that they will be allowed to stay in America if they come with a child!

Join the fight for Stronger Borders by signing this petition and demand that these loopholes in our immigration laws be closed!

3 thoughts on “Close the Loopholes in our Immigration System!

  1. Democrats need to stop the violence these people go through and fix this stupid law. People are dying and getting raped and trafficked for parts and sex and that doesn’t even count the drugs! Fix the law!

  2. Stop allowing illegals in our country! It is not right for all those coming in legally. If this continues, we are going to demand our Senators take your salaries to pay for everything they need. Maybe then, you will wake up when you are working for free!!!

  3. I have no problem what so ever with people come here and getting their their citizenship.. I have a problem with all the free loaders!!! What about our veterans and homeless??? Also what about our seniors, many have to choose between meds and food, that should never happen in American!! God Bless America

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