Watch: Lindsey Graham isn’t watching the “Un-American” impeachment hearings

Senator Lindsey Graham has made it clear since the onset of the impeachment inquiry that this is nothing more than a political stunt by the Democrats in the House of Representatives. Rep. Adam Schiff is doing everything that he can to stack the deck against President Trump by controlling the flow of information and allowing biased parties to testify! Fortunately for the American public, Lindsey Graham won’t allow the same nonsense to take place when and if the impeachment process reaches the Senate!

Senator Graham is on record condemning this impeachment inquiry as “Unfair and Un-American!” If you agree with Graham, sign our official anti-impeachment petition and make it known that the American people refuse to buy into Adam Schiff’s lies and deception!

36 thoughts on “Watch: Lindsey Graham isn’t watching the “Un-American” impeachment hearings

  1. The DEMOCRATE party are a bunch of lying decieving thieving drunk & on drugs bunch of evil fools that have gotten by with their schemes way to long.. What does America need with a party like them? Oh THEYVE HAD A PARTY FOR YEARS STEALING AMERICAN’S MONEY & LIVING IT UP !! THEY SHOULD ALL BE FIRED WITH NO BENEFITS &GET A TASTE OF WHAT THE LOWER CLASS AMERICANS DEAL WITH FINANCIALLY EVERY MONTH !!!

  2. Get back to the work of the country and not your own agenda’s. I pray to God that those serving their own interests will be booted out of office. America can be great without all the distractions.

  3. I agree with Senator Graham , enough is enough!! Sick and tired of my hard earned tax dollars being spent on this crap! Pelosi and her misfits need to fired and the POTUS needs to continue the great job he is doing for the American People!!!! Enough is Enough!!!!!

  4. I support senator Graham. It’s all a political stunt to try and remove Trump from office it’s very very unAmerican and a disgrace to our president and our country this should never have been allowed to happen in the first place the impeachment process is a sham and the American people deserve better from Congress.

  5. The democrats need to stop bullying our President and get to work for the best interest of this country! I love and pray for Mr. Trump every day.

  6. It make me sad that
    there is so
    much turmoil and Hatred in this country, i am afraid that if we don”t Pray and ask God for help we might lose
    our Nation. We do not want socialism, in the country. Their is some mean people in Washington. We All need to PRAY.

  7. Get something done. We are tired of waiting. We want people in prison. If it had been an everyday American we would be in prison. Do something

  8. Today should have been watched by the entire country. Any one who couldn’t recognize an attempt at Sovit style coup. Is dreaming. Adam Shiff should be tryed for treason. And take that damn gavel away from him, he’s having too much fun being on TV dragging the Ocean to find any simblince of anything against our sitting President…..firing an Ambassador is not an Impeachable offince.
    Hijacking Millions of Dollars from the American people not to mention preventing our do nothing Congress from even slightest work. I’m tired of my taxMoney working to push an insane agenda

  9. Tell me how Castro can be on the impeachment committee and his brother is running for president. He’s doing what Trump is accused of. He’s trying to get rid of another candidate. Trump

  10. Is just a circus, the IDIOTS are looking for something they can’t find. They have the liberals believing their lies, everyday they come with something new. Just like the Otis Redding song, I Heard it Through the Grapevine. No one person that was there when the call was made had said anything worth impeachment. Schiff is a man full of HATE with no conscience.

  11. I think the Democrats should be stopped doing what they are doing. They are wasting Taxpayers money doing nothing productive for the American people. Trump 2020.

  12. All this should show how bad Democrats are ! why has the Ethics Committee not expelled Schiff, Pelosi and Schumer already ?? The people are ready to rise up and are sick of the Democrats !!

  13. Time to stop all democrat bs .We are americans and believe in constitutional law not Palozie ,Schiff law.Shut it down.

  14. I am sick of this witch hunt. I personally didn’t vote for the public appearances and the way he talks . I voted for my President Trump because he is a good businessman and a strong leader. I think Congress needs to move on and get back to the jobs they were elected to do.

  15. man was elected and democrats won’t let him be to do his job.. so the hell with democrats there is a reason their mascot is an ass, jack or otherwise

  16. This is a waste of time and money…Our President Trump is an outstanding man of God , with a heart for America . This witch hunt needs to stop.

  17. It?s time we who love this country, stand up for it…
    first we must pray for our President and all our leaders.
    His goal must be to keep on doing right for the country regardless of the storms around him.
    Truth always prevails!!!
    We stand with our party and look forward to great things in 2020!
    Thank you all for your service.
    Don?t be intimated when Americans are counting on you!!
    Thank you and God bless!

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