Senator Lindsey Graham knows that the Democrat's efforts to impeach President Trump are nothing more than a politically motivated sham! Graham is now leading the fight in the Senate to get to the bottom of the Biden family's dealings with Ukraine. The dirty tactics being used by the Democrats didn't work when they tried to ruin the life and career of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and Senator Graham is going to make sure they don't succeed in their attempts to ruin President Trump!


There are no members of society more vulnerable than unborn babies. These precious lives deserve the same protections that each of us have. Lindsey Graham has been a consistent, strong pro-life leader. He fought to ensure that our laws recognize the mother and unborn child as victims when they are injured or killed during the commission of a federal crime. He wrote the bill that bans late-term abortions when an unborn baby can feel pain. Because of his commitment to protecting life, he has been named “Legislator of the Year” by S.C. Citizens for Life.


Recognizing the vital need to fix our broken immigration system and stop the flow of illegal immigrants across the southern border, Lindsey Graham is fighting to secure the funding President Trump needs to build the wall. He understands that the border wall is a critical part of America’s security and we can’t have real security as a nation without strong borders. He is working to fix our nation’s broken asylum laws and stop the flow of illegal immigrants.


America is at war and it’s a war we can’t afford to lose. It’s a war that needs to not only be fought on the battlefield, but also by cutting off funding to terrorists and the governments that harbor them. That’s why the Taylor Force Act is so important. Sponsored by Senator Lindsey Graham and named in honor of an American veteran killed in Israel by a terrorist, the Taylor Force Act cuts off funding from American taxpayers to the Palestinian Authority until the PA stops funding terrorism.

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